Upcoming Sacramento Accounting Solutions Seminars

QuickBooks Made Easy 

Here is what you’ll learn

  • 3 common accounting mistakes almost every business makes that cause you cash flow problems, how to find and fix them
  • 4 mistakes in setting up client accounts and how to prevent them
  • 5 vital decisions you must make for a chart of accounts to give you meaningful financial statements – what to do to fix the mistakes you already made.
  • Importing client lists from other software
  • How to prepare invoices, refunds, credits, and client statements
  • 6 steps for processing checks and credit card payments
  • Reconciling bank accounts
  • 5 ways QB helps a improve collections and why you should use 4
  • What reports make sense for building a profitable business
  • How to access your office QB from home or a job site
  • 4 things you must know if the bank balances do not match
  • Watch the process of your firm’s finances as they are tracked in QuickBooks® software
  • How to manage your practice using business centers
  • The easy 3 steps for handling NSF checks
  • 5 things you must do when tracking bad debts or petty cash disbursements
  • On-line banking – 4 reasons you need to use it now and how to set it up
  • Exporting QuickBooks® into Excel and the 4 advance techniques of making it more useful
  • Setting classifications to track billing and profitability
  • How to handle unusual situations, like salary advances and partnership draws
  • How to add your firm’s logo to your invoices
  • The easy way to backup and restore data files
  • 3 questions that will help you reduce income taxes all year long
  • The QuickBooks® financial statements – A to Z…everything you’ll need to know
  • Linking your QuickBooks® to your accountant using on line technology / cuts tax prep cost


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