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Sacramento Accounting Solutions doesn’t compete with CPA Firms we compliment them.

Successful CPA Firms “Depend” on excellent bookkeeping.

  • John Fitzpatrick, CPA at Fitzpatrick & Casimiro, CPAs, Inc.
    “Coral not only handles all of her client’s accounting needs, she also makes my job much easier by getting me what I need for their tax returns. I know that when I am working on one of Coral’s clients, I will get timely and accurate information.”

CPA firms appreciate it when their clients maintain clean books and records. Not only is it better for their clients, but it also makes the CPAs’ job easier and allows them to spend time on higher value client activities. CPA firms also know they’re taking risks when they prepare tax returns or offer audit opinions that derive from messy books, and they’d rather not find themselves in that position.

For these reasons, many CPA firms would like to offer their clients improved bookkeeping services, but they recognize that they are not optimally configured to offer those services themselves at a cost-effective price.

SAS can help. We work with many CPA firms and their clients on either a referral or wholesale basis depending on the firms’ preference.

10 Ways Sacramento Accounting Solutions makes life easier for CPA’s:

1. SAS helps ease the year end crunch by requiring less review and adjustment.

2. SAS improves your ability to do tax planning by providing up-to-the-minute actual data so you can comfortably do tax planning with no surprises.

3. SAS makes it easy to find estimated tax payments as we book them to appropriate GL accounts. We also make sure your clients’ estimated taxes are paid on time and for the proper amount.

4. Chart of accounts are organized, and SAS staff are able to quickly provide you tax sensitive information instead of you having to dig for it or request it from the client– items such as officer life insurance, S corp shareholder health insurance, officer salaries, etc.

5. SAS takes care of fixed asset and loan amortization accounting on a monthly basis so assets and liabilities are on the books when the events happen and large year end adjustments are not required.

6. SAS makes it easy to get quick and accurate interim financial statements for banks or other lenders or regulatory requirements.

7. SAS will dramatically improve your ability to advise your clients on such things as monthly overhead, breakeven, and gross profit because the books will be up-to-date and accurate with an organized chart of accounts.

8. SAS can provide a secure link instantly to images of documents to support each transaction.

9. SAS will make sure prior year balance sheets are not changed.

10. You can log into your clients’ web-based QuickBooks files at any time without having to request database copies via email or CD, drive to clients’ offices, or deal with the IT headaches of trying to obtain remote access to their PCs or servers. Thus preventing QuickBooks Multiple File Syndrome!

If this interests you, please contact us or call at 916-905-7444 to learn more.

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